Meet Claire Quartel

Claire Quartel Founder of Living Now Events

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Hello everyone! It’s lovely to see you here, welcome to Living Now Events.

My Background

I have been fortunate enough to travel the world, visiting many countries and living in quite a few too! I believe that travel is the most wonderful way of expanding our consciousness and reminding us that we are all interconnected, no matter where we live, what our background is, or what culture and beliefs we were raised by.

Amongst my many, varied and fascinating jobs, from Cabin Crew with two major airlines, to Head Consultant for Estée Lauder in Harvey Nichols London,  my most treasured and life-changing work was as a Practitioner and Tutor of Natural Health Therapies.  I worked in this field for many years, specialising in Stress Management, Coaching, Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology and Relaxation Techniques. During this time I had the pleasure and privilege of teaching Aromatherapy & Massage at Diploma Level in London, as well as in Australia, where I lived for five years.

I have a lifelong commitment to, and am totally passionate about, health, wellbeing, vitality and self-development. Living in both London (Richmond) and Australia (Melbourne & Perth) I was fortunate enough to attend countless talks, workshops, seminars and courses on all of these subjects, given by speakers who are leaders in their fields.

In 1997 I moved to the wonderful county of Dorset where I lived in an outstandingly beautiful area, known as the Isle of Purbeck. I was blessed to be surrounded by abundant wildlife, nature, hills, forests and some of the best beaches in the UK. There was only one thing missing… top speakers! 

My Vision

My vision to ‘Bring the best speakers to the South’ transformed into my mission. After all, I reasoned, why should those of us who live in the South have to travel to London to hear and meet these wonderful speakers each time we wished to attend a talk, workshop or seminar? My aim was to create a space where everyone could enjoy inspirational teachings in a safe, comfortable, joyful and friendly environment, an arena where we could learn new and exciting tools to transform and enhance our lives and a place where we could meet like-minded people, make new friends and above all, have fun! So in 2013 I launched ‘Conscious Living Events’ in Dorset to fill the needs of those who, like me, thrive on self-development and learning. 

And boy was it a success! Three years after the launch I had hosted over 50 events with some very notable speakers. The events were often fully booked, sometimes with up to 200 guests! Of course, not all my events were this big and both my guests, my team and myself really enjoyed the more intimate events, where there may be just 20 people sharing an evening or a full day, filled with learning, laughs and love.

My Calling

In 2016 I left Dorset and moved to further west. For quite a while I’d felt a deep soul-calling to live in Devon or Cornwall and it had got to the point where I just knew that I had to follow my intuition. I had no idea where this journey would lead, but as soon as I arrived in Devon it felt like I’d come home. Not only had I found my next ‘spiritual home’, but I knew that Devon was also the most perfect place to host my speakers. After debating whether I could manage to run the events in both counties, I followed another deep intuition (yes, I’m big on following my inner guidance) and on 1st November 2016 I passed ‘Conscious Living Events’ on to my dear friend and long-term teammate, Clara Apollo. Who I have to say is doing an outstanding job!

So here I am, living in beautiful Devon and the proud owner of ‘Living Now Events’, which  I launched in 2016.  I hope that the talks, workshops and seminars, together with my coaching if you would like to work with me personally, will bring you joy, new friendships, open you to bold new horizons,  as well as expanding and benefiting not just your own lives, but the lives of your loved ones.

I really do look forward to meeting you and growing with you. Please introduce yourself and say hello at your first event. We’re all friends here, Living Now! 

Claire x