Meet the Team


EVENTS HOST – Ruth Lerew

Whilst I (Claire Quartel) organise the speakers venue and events behind the scenes, you will find Ruth at the events themselves. Ruth hosts the speakers, looks after the team, and ensures that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly. As well as holding this very important role Ruth is also a Mindfulness Teacher, Life Coach and Sound Therapist.



The ‘Living Now Events’ team are at the events for you! They are happy to answer your questions and organise any special requirements you may have. They will assist you in purchasing the speaker’s books and CD’s and will be on hand throughout the whole event making sure that everyone is comfortable, relaxed and has all their needs met.

Bee Dell a Crystal Healing expert and Reiki Master.

Jane Hutton a Holistic Functional Nutritionist and Food Writer

Lisa Mechen who amongst her many skills is a Reki Master and Karuna Teacher Trainer

Elaine Searle who runs ‘Infinite Perceptions’ and is a Personal Guru and an Interdimensional Explorer.

Rebecca Bright a Sound Therapist and Self-Care coach.



You can read more about our team members and their work by clicking on the pics below. Please feel free to contact them via email or ‘phone, they are always happy to chat.