• About Beth Kempton


    Beth Kempton is a mother, writer and entrepreneur dedicated to helping women achieve their full potential.


    Her company, Do What You Love, has helped thousands of women find personal, professional and financial freedom through transformational online courses and retreats, which are frequently described as ‘life-changing’.


    Beth loves to connect with deeply personal stories and inspire real change with original tools and techniques. She often sees potential in others before they see it in themselves and has a special gift for asking just the right questions.


    Beth’s first book 'Freedom Seeker: Live more. Worry less. Do what you love.' was published by Hay House in 2017, and has been translated into several other languages. Freedom Seeker is a book about discovering who you really are, what you really want, and how to fly free whatever life sends your way.

    You can read more about Beth's book & order here: hyperurl.co/a941vs



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1st October 10:00am – 5:00 pm (doors open 9:30 am)

Beth Kempton

‘Freedom Seeker‘ 

How to live more, worry less and do what you love.

“Freedom is found within. In the shape of our laughter and the way that we love, in the truths we live by and the stories we become. She is a light heart, a clear head, a gentle smile. She wanders in the landscape of the mind, and nourishes the deepest yearnings of the soul.” – Beth Kempton


This workshop is a soulful awakening to what is possible for your life, and how much power you have to make that happen. It is a true gift to yourself, bringing clarity, confidence and connection.

The truth is, many of us spend our lives seeking other peoples’ permission to live the lives we dream of. In this full day retreat, Beth will show you how to gift yourself that permission, and discover how to fly free whatever life sends your way.


You can expect:

  • Revealing questions and surprising answers

  • Fascinating exercises and journaling prompts

  • Story sharing and deep connection

By the end of the day you will:

  • Feel restored, energised and free

  • Have clarity on what you want to invite into your life

  • Feel confident about navigating the road ahead, through the hard times and the good


“Beth Kempton is the real deal. No fluff, all substance. She will probably change your life. She has changed mine.” Kate Eckman

“Beth offers a complete MOT for the soul. She gives you permission to question everything, follow your intuition, and remember the power of your instincts.” Claire Holgate

“Incredibly inspiring. Genius storytelling.” – Sanderson Jones of The Sunday Assembly

“I’m just blown away by how good this has been for me. I got more clarity than when I’ve been to a therapist.” Ingrid Conde

“Compassionate, genuine, content-rich, inspiring.” Sondra Holzman

“Thanks to you I stepped off the ledge and did something I have been wanting to do for years – and I feel lighter than air.” Christine B

“You’ve inspired me to live more, say yes to more, and open my world up more in the past few weeks than in the past year.” Birgitta Zoutman

“Heard you speak on Saturday. Read your book on Sunday. Quit my job on Monday.” – name withheld


About the venue


‘Upper Gatehouse’ Dartington Hall – Dartington, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6ED

Getting to the venue: 
Dartington is situated in South East Devon, a mile from the historic market town of Totnes.
It is close to the M5 for drivers, and Totnes rail station is on the main Paddington – Penzance line.
Parking charges:
50p for one hour, £1 for four hours, £3 for any length stay from 9am to 9pm

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