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    Davina MacKail, BA Hons, RGN, DFSNI is a Spiritual educator, shamanic seer and healer, dream expert, energy healer, feng shui and space-clearing expert.

    Her greatest intention is to unlock the gateway to your most glorious self. This led her to a lifelong study of the human mind, metaphysics, quantum physics, the natureof consciousness, philosophy, psychology, dreams, symbolism and shamanism – a passion that is as much part of her being as breathing.

    When not busy with clients she is also an experienced writer, presenter and motivational speaker. Considered a trusted and respected source of wisdom and an inspirational mentor she is also a firm believer in the transformational power of humour! Her diverse business and medical background, together with her in-depth exploration of the world’s esoteric belief systems provides her with anunorthodox skill set designed to get you brilliant results!

    Her eclectic career history includes qualifying as a nurse and a counsellor, a stint in PR/media, director of a commercial radio station, many years as a company director in the telecommunications industry and owner and CEO of a 60-seat call centre specialising in technical support for ISPs.

    She discovered Feng Shui when working in Hong Kong and China in the early 1990s and subsequently trained for and acquired a Professional diploma in the practise and Spirit of Feng Shui.

    Throughout her corporate years she remained committed to her parallel universe of energy work, studying and experimenting. Like many things in her life shamanism found her. Davina’s shamanic quest began in 1992 when she undertook an extraordinary adventure which took her from Moscow to Mongolia, through China and Hong Kong across Tibet to Nepal, India, Bangladesh and finally the Andaman islands. The trip was life changing, and incorporated at least one near death experience, which in many cultures is seen as the shaman’s mark of initiation. She didnt meet her first official teacher, Alex Stark, a Peruvian shaman, until much later in, 1997. Since then it has been a full immersion in indigenous shamanic practises training with master shamans in Peru, Brazil, America and Ireland.

    For Davina shamanism is about a way of being, a fundamental trust and belief in the interconnectedness of all living beings – acting in an attitude of sacred reciprocity with all of life, appreciating the animating essence, the living Spirit, if you like, of all matter. It’s about learning to trust wisdom rather than knowledge. Where wisdom is the source, the knowing, without the need to know and knowledge is the attempt to rationalise that knowing. In her work she uses these fundamental principles as a basis for accessing wisdom directly from Spirit and using that to assist in resolving client issues. She works with clients across a wide spectrum of both business and personal issues. Wisdom is not biased or judgmental as knowledge can sometimes be and is always available to harmonise personal and community issues.

    She has been blessed to work with some powerful and gifted masters a long the way, discovering a talent for translating dense, inaccessible esoteric information into pragmatic solutions that work in the modern world. She is a Master practitioner in Hypnotism, Time Line Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming and believes the language we use has enormous creative and symbolic purpose.

    Davina is a Hay House author of 'The Dream Whisperer' book and double CD and Feng Shui Basics. Her first TV credits were with Ann Maurice, Five’s House Doctor and has since gone on to ITV1's This Morning as well as monthly guest appearances on FIVE’s The Wright Stuff, Live with Gaby and the Vanessa Show. She is a regular Spiritual and shamanic advisor to a variety of mainstream and regional press.

25th November 10:00am – 5:00 pm (doors open 9:30 am)


Davina Mackail

‘The Path with Heart –  Integrating Non-ordinary & ordinary Realities through Shamanic practise’ 


“Shamanism offers many practical tools for remembering who we truly are and re-connecting us to the wisdom of the Earth.” Davina Mackail


Learn the basic Shamanic laws that bring us to a deeper understanding of our heart-centred selves. Become empowered to live your lives to their fullest authentic expression.


This workshop is based largely on Davina’s in-depth experience and knowledge of Peruvian Shamanism.


During the workshop you’ll discover..

* The nature of love and sacred reciprocity

* How to invoke power

* Personal protection and clearing techniques

* Exercises for increasing and decreasing energy at will

* Shamanic journeying and working with the wisdom of the elements


A truly magical and experiential workshop – you will leave with a renewed connection to your self and the world around you.


PLEASE NOTE – You may like to bring a blanket or meditation cushion to make your journeying more comfortable.


Just a few of many testimonials from Davina’s workshops:

“Very many thanks for your brilliant workshop yesterday. We all gained so much from it. It was the perfect day to g ive me a boost and inspire me. Please, please please let me know of any further workshops that you will be doing – can’t wait to learn and understand more! I feel so blessed that good fortune brought you into my life.” Caryn P x”


“One of the blessings this year was your lovely workshop in March – what a help and inspiration it proved to be, and I was meant to be on another workshop the day before! Once again, thank you for your lovely workshop, your communications and newsletter, and for remaining, despite all your achievements, such a thoroughly approachable and modest person.” Stammy


“Thank you so much Davina…..it really was a pleasure to spend the day with you and all your knowledge, info, inspiration, and of course your passion……It was a lot to think about when I get back home…I’m very much interested in more courses, but that need to be sometimes from July and then onwards….. Wish you all the best and hopefully we will meet soon again” Ljiljana


Thankyou so much for sharing that work with us yesterday. It has really inspired me along my path and the wish to want to explore shamanism further. I feel as if I have been on a few days retreat, rather than a days workshop and feel I’ve come away with lots of little delightful treasures. I hope you continue to run shamanic workshops, retreats and vision quests. I feel you have a valuable gift to offer that at the very least can inspire and empower people to become actively involved in their own healing process…Love and energy,” Vicky


You were amazing, we all had such a wonderful experience your gifted. I love the way you teach with focus and intent. Why don’t you teach at The Shamans conference next September down in Poole.. you should be there…working your magic” J Lewis

About the venue


‘Upper Gatehouse’ Dartington Hall – Dartington, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6ED

Getting to the venue: 
Dartington is situated in South East Devon, a mile from the historic market town of Totnes.
It is close to the M5 for drivers, and Totnes rail station is on the main Paddington – Penzance line.
Parking charges:
50p for one hour, £1 for four hours, £3 for any length stay from 9am to 9pm




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