• Uta Demontis

    Uta Demontis, Ph.D.


    Uta Demontis, Ph.D. is a professional Relationship Coach, Clinical Sexologist, Chi Kung Instructor and Taoist Meditation Teacher.

    Uta works with men, women and couples who want to resolve difficulties in their relationship and desire to create a lasting and fulfilling relationship. She supports singles to clear the obstacles and overcome the challenges that keep them from finding love that lasts.

    Uta leads workshops, hosts educational salons, gives talks and sees clients in London and worlwide via Skype and telephone.

    She has trained at the Relationship Coaching Institute and Sex Coach U and received her Ph.D. in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Uta is a Universal Healing Tao Instructor, teaching the Taoist practices brought to the West by Mantak Chia.

    Uta has also written a book: "The Jade Egg Practice - Sexercises for Your Love Muscle".


    'Thank you so much Uta for another fantastic workshop. Once again I was extremely impressed with the delivery of your extensive knowledge and wisdom. You created a very safe and sacred space for me. You are clearly very passionate about what you do. Its as though your passion flows through you and reaches the women you are teaching. I felt energized and inspired. I hope to do more workshops with you in the future.”

    'What a beautiful day! It was a magical mix of movement and meditation, breathing and stillness, but most of all it was an incredibly gentle and loving day. A lovely insight into Taoist practices. Thanks so much to Uta for being here and sharing with us.'

    'Such a lovely, soft and gentle introduction to some incredibly powerful energy practices. Uta held the space so beautifully, and facilitated learning in such a caring way - such a special lady.'

    'I thank you for your generosity of spirit, you sincere care and attention for each participant and authenticity and calmness in the way you taught the workshop.'

    'I would just like to say again how powerful I found the coursework, and how gently and respectfully you conveyed the information and practices.

    I completely felt at ease during the workshop, and found the sharing between women, profound and important - it is not often we get this chance with women we do not usually socialise with, and even then sex is still such a taboo subject that even discussing it on an energetic level, is sometimes impossible.'



7th May 10:00am – 5:00 pm (doors open 9:30 am)

Uta Demontis

‘The Tao of Love’


The Tao of Love is about walking your own path – a path rooted in love. Taoist meditations and practices enable us to connect deeply with ourselves, cultivate our radiance and open us to a richer experience of life.


In this workshop we will focus on relationships, intimacy and love.


We will look at how Taoist practices can support our relationships. And life is really all about relationships, starting with the relationship we have with ourselves, our romantic and family relationships, the relationships we have with friends, co-workers, with nature, with the larger world. Relationships are woven into every aspect of our lives.


And all of our relationships have one thing in common and that is what WE bring to them in the form of our behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and level of awareness – both of self and of others.


Our sexuality lies as the core of our being. Taoism has always understood that sexuality is an integral part of life, and sexual energy is not suppressed but embraced. Sexual energy is the creative life force energy; when it is combined with the loving energy of the heart it becomes the greatest healing force in the world.


In this workshop you will:


  • Explore new paradigms for relationships

  • Understand how love changes over time

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the difference between male and female sexual energy

  • Learn Taoist meditations to centre yourself, open your heart and connect with your feminine essence

  • Learn chi kung (qi gong) exercises to cultivate your sexual energy

  • Have an introduction to the jade egg practice


Please bring or wear loose comfortable clothing and a yoga mat.


(Please note that in the workshop, all exercises will be practised without a jade egg)


Uta Demontis, PhD




About the venue


‘Upper Gatehouse’ Dartington Hall – Dartington, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6ED

Getting to the venue: 
Dartington is situated in South East Devon, a mile from the historic market town of Totnes.
It is close to the M5 for drivers, and Totnes rail station is on the main Paddington – Penzance line.
Parking charges:
50p for one hour, £1 for four hours, £3 for any length stay from 9am to 9pm

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