Meet Claire Quartel


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Creator of ‘Living Now Events’, ‘Firefly Gems’ and ‘Claire Quartel Coaching’


A little background info about me

I am a traveller, a freedom seeker, an explorer of new possibilities, a nature lover and a very proud Mother. I have a lifelong commitment to, and am totally passionate about health, wellbeing, and self-development. Living for many years in both London (Richmond) and Australia (Melbourne & Perth) I have been fortunate enough to attend countless talks, workshops, seminars and courses by speakers who are leaders in their fields on all of these subjects. 


My Vision

After a lifetime of travelling I decided it was time to put down roots in an area of outstanding beauty which would nurture my then 4 year old daughter as she was growing up. In 1997 I moved to Dorset, which is such a beautiful county in every single way, except…. I found myself continually travelling to London each time I wanted to attend a great talk or event. So, in 2102 I decided it was time for the speakers to come to us here in the South!  After many months of planning I launched ‘Conscious Living Events’ in 2103 with the plan and commitment of ‘Bringing the Best Speakers to the South!’

Itnd seemed that my intuition hadn’t let me down because just three years after the launch I had hosted over 50 events with some very notable and high profile speakers. The events were often fully booked, sometimes with up to 200 guests! Of course, not all my events were this big and both my guests, my team and myself really enjoyed the more intimate events, where there may be just 20 people. All of these events had one thing in common though – learning, laughing and loving, with like-minded people!

In 2016 I passed ‘Conscious Living Events’ on to my dear friend and long-term teammate, Clara Apollo, who I have to say is doing an outstanding job! This enabled me to spend a couple of years in beautiful Devon where I continued with my mission and launched ‘Living Now Events’. I am happy to say that this is also proving to be very popular with both guests and speakers alike.

I hope that the talks, workshops and seminars I organise will bring you joy, friendships, open you to bold new horizons, as well as expanding and benefiting not just your own lives, but the lives of your loved ones.

Please do come and join us for an event soon. We’re all friends here, Living NowClaire x